Chateau d'Ax - Contract Division

HOSPITALITY The hospitality sector is expanding significantly and in continuous evolution and differs considerably in line with the taste, traditions, lines and symbols of the reality in which it develops.

Which is why Chateau d’Ax works with important international designers and architects that enable it to understand and consequently find appropriate and brilliant solution
RESIDENTIAL The value of a home, its functionality, its individuality are aspects and values that comply with the needs.

Chateau d’Ax is ready to respect and follow the taste and aspect of every individual and moreover proposes full-house concepts that are innovative or reflect market trends.
PUBLIC AREAS Extensive experience in the production of chairs and upholstered furniture makes it possible for Chateau d'Ax to offer high-quality solutions that are strong and comply with the relative safety regulations for furnishing waiting rooms, reception areas, restaurants and vip areas.
Chateau d'Ax Italia